Having a business where you may have used internet marketing as one of your strategy to boost your business, you may need SEO expert to promote your business effectively. Let’s say that you have a business in San Jose such as a dentist office, law office, home services or a moving company. When you have decided that you want to develop your marketing through SEO maximization, you have to ensure that you are not wrong to choose the SEO expert. The problem when you are going to hire the agency of SEO or other SEO experts is the budget, you will not be sure that you can choose the right one that can fulfill what you want and also the price range that might be high for you. That is why before you buy the service, you may need to learn the SEO strategy for San Jose SEO. All of the things you need to do is by learning from tutorials online and you have to apply once you have understood about the rules and strategy. Here is the way to do local San Jose SEO.

  • Register to Google Local Business. You can register by the app of Google Business through your phone or even you can go to the website and register your business. You just have to have your San Jose address and company information handy. It does not need long process, but when you have got a fast internet connection, you will get faster execution for the local business too.

  • Do verification. When you have done registering your local business to Google Business, you need to verify your business. Google will send you PIN through a postcard and then you will be asked to submit the code of PIN to verify your business.
  • Add more information. Another important thing you have to do when you are dealing with SEO local business is that you have to add more information to your site, so you will see that customers indeed are interested to see the information from you including identity card and CC.