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Affiliates Should use Autoresponders to Increase Commissions

Affiliates Use Autoresponders to Make More Sales Commission

“The ‘affiliates’ fortune is in the followup.”

You’ve probably heard that phrase before. It’s used in all kinds of sales. Thanks to technology, online it’s easy and cheap.

An essential tool of Internet marketing is the autoresponder. This is a software program that sends someone a pre-written email automatically, when that someone sends an email to a certain email address.

People commonly use “Out of Office” type emails when they’re on vacation. For marketing purposes, of course, you want to send messages that are more welcome to your prospects. Back in the mid-1990s when Internet marketing started, people used simple autoresponders to send out basic information such as their products, descriptions and prices.

However, that didn’t last long. Nobody wanted to send emails just to get information they felt they should be readily available on a website. So somebody had a programmer modify the autoresponder software so that it would send a series of messages, at pre-set times. This is a big advantage because most people do not buy a product the first time they visit a website. Yet that doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

You can send the most obvious types of messages to prospects. 1. This product is great. 2. Really, this product is great. 3. Buy now. 4. Really, truly — this product is really really great, so buy it now.

That worked (and still works) to a degree, because sometimes people do respond to reminders in their inboxes.

However, most prospects eventually get tired of such messages — and of you. So most people today will not give you their email address if all you offer them is more sales pitches.

So Internet marketers have found other ways to encourage people to give their email addresses. Instead of just asking people to join your mailing list (how exciting!), you can:

1. Offer a free ebook.

2. Offer a free report.

3. Offer a free teleseminar.

4. Offer a series of free lessons.

5. Offer to give them a price discount on an upcoming product — it’ll be announced only by email, so if they’re not on the list they won’t know about it until it’s over.

Number 4 is in many ways the best “bribe,” because the lessons you send them (seven is a good number) are themselves the followups. You give useful information in each one.

Autoresponder offer #1 is an affiliate product within helpful advice

Here’s an example “thankyou for purchasing our PC Optimization software to fix pc problems and help speed up Windows performance, we would also suggest that you bookmark this new free driver update software search engine that we just finished developing and whenever you need to again update your windows drivers, you can scan, find exact device driver matches and get all your driver updates for free!

Be sure to bookmark this site and check back often for further handy computer optimization and windows tips!” See what I mean this page leads to an offer for a driver update product, which maybe 5% or so of the customers will actually buy, again!

Autoresponder offer #2 is of course another affiliate pitch and further computer tips

Now in about a week you can send another follow-up offer to your customers, convincingly shrouded within helpful advice and additional windows tips of course! Another example offer could be: Almost every PC user will at some time or another be presented with an unwanted popup, unwelcome ad or worse a malicious file that penetrates your pc security and watches your every move.

Here’s a free XoftspySE download to see if you have any of over 1 Million unwanted guests resident in your hard drive.

Not to be smug but I would bet 2-bits that you do! (as long as I can count trojans and adware within the general malware scan). The way XoftspySE works is that the software will scan without the need to register, and only if you have threats you are given the chance to pay/register so this antiapyware tool can fully zap the threats for you. Alternatively if your among th web saavy, you can use the Md5 info provided to sek out and remove the Spyware yourself without the need to pay for the XoftspySE product. Thats what I did :) it cost me zilchio!

The more useful information they receive in the lessons, the more likely you’ll convince them (better than any online sales letter could) that you know what you’re talking about and they should buy your book.

Of course, this also works for affiliate products. You can refer them to someone else’s book. You can refer them to many books and products.

You can set up your autoresponder account to continue sending them product recommendations every few days for months into the future. You never know. They may not buy the first 50 things you want to sell them, but the email about product number 51 arrives in their inbox just when they’re in the mood to buy it.

Do make sure that every email you send complies with the Can-Spam Act. You should identify yourself and your location. 

They’re many companies that will host your autoresponders for a small monthly fee. Most of them will host different autoresponder series for you. That way, you can set up a series of followup emails on many different products. Just do a Google search and check them out.

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Comment by don | 2010-08-12 22:38:39

just doing a little test to see how long it takes to index on bing and google for genx
. according to compete the search phrase genx drivers has almost nil competition. Currently ranked on the first page position #8 on the big G, absent from the top 100 on Bing and Yahoo as of right now.


Comment by Steve | 2010-08-13 11:39:30

follow-up with emails is really the key to marketing…


Comment by Joseph | 2010-09-07 22:17:31

I have seen moderate success on my blog using auto responders. I appreciate your article though since it has given me some new ideas.


Comment by Bj Bryen | 2011-01-02 14:49:33

You are correct in saying the an autoresponder is essential tool of Internet marketing. Studies have shown that more than 75% of a website’s visitors who eventually end up buying your product or service don’t do it on their first visit. In fact, in can take up to 7 or more visits before they purchase your product or service. Email autoresponders are one way of encouraging your visitors to return and make that purchase! I wouldn’t be without it, Bj


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