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Chosing Exactly What You Want From Your Blog And Achieving It

achieving-blogging.jpgCan you guess what the 1st result of a Google search for “achieving” is?

It is:

“Achieving Female Orgasm”.

You could claim this is my personalised search kicking in, but it isn’t.

Planning is simply leaving as little to chance as possible and we all know it’s vital in order to achieve. People who buy lottery tickets have no plans for the money, only dreams because winning is all down to chance and is out of their control.

I can assume you want visitors on your blog to perform a certain action, perhaps you want them to click on an Adsense ad, an affiliate link, leave a comment, read more or sign up via RSS.

The wonderful thing about blogging is that what your readers click isn’t down to chance. In the same way that you dictate how often readers visit your blog, you also decide where they click by changing the blogs layout and colour scheme.

Ways To Make Your Blog Less Like a Lottery

Problogger calls this ‘ Stickifying your blog‘ but there is a stage before that which is even more important. No matter how ‘sticky’ your blog is, if the readers are untargeted and are not interested in the topic of your niche then they are just going to click the back button. This means your traffic sources are important.

Making Sure The 3 Main Traffic Sources Send Targeted Traffic

1. Google. The 1st and most obvious traffic source. Google has the ability to send highly targeted traffic. All it takes to achieve this is by performing a little SEO that you can learn about with the SEO Book.

2. Other Blogs In Your niche. This is where a little market research comes in. It is important that you know your competitors just as well as your product (your blog). If you follow 2 niches, (e.g. meta-blogging and Aeroplanes) then make sure if you comment the related blog is linked to and branded appropriately.

3. Social voting sites. After being recently banned from digg this has been on my mind more than ever. With hindsight I am glad I was banned from digg and lost all 700 of my ‘friends’ because it is paving the way for me to find a more blogging related social voting site. Digg may send hoards of traffic but they are renowned for doing little/no good the the blog in the long run. I am investigating Sphinn as an alternative and will report back with the details in a few days.

How To Funnel Your Readers Clicks

Much like with alcohol, funnelling your readers clicks creates a well defined reward and achieves your goals much faster.

Ultimately it comes down to deciding what you want your readers to click/do and then optimizing your blog to achieve that purpose.


1. Optimizing Google Adsense ads by blending their colours and fonts in with the contnet. – Achieves higher earning rates.

2. Lowering the numbers of ads and placing the RSS feed button in a prominent position. – Achieves higher levels of RSS subscriber numbers.

3. Improving content quality. – Achieves higher levels of RSS subscribers.

4. Placing your ‘Top posts’ in a prominently positioned list. – Increases RSS subscribers further, because with them it’s the content you are trying to sell.

Hopefully you can tell what Blogging Figners is optimized for. There are very few advertisements and I am performing examples 2,3 and 4 to increase subscriber numbers. Every single subscriber is important to me… as well as married ones 😉


A poster on a wall of my old school read, “If you are aiming for nowhere, that’s just where you’ll go”. The motto at in the first page of my school’s planner was “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Perhaps some of those phrases rubbed off on me, but hopefully I have explained their importance coherently.

Are you spreading your goals too thin? Are you hoping for AdSense clicks and increasing RSS subscriber numbers at the same time? If you are, I would suggest you give the design of your blog a re-think.

Diversification is great to achieve a single purpose, but diversifying the number of purposes means failing at all of them.

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Comment by lady influence | 2007-08-25 02:48:41

another great article! there is lot of things to do with my blog, especially the template.i’ve been working on it and am still not satisfied with how it looks. i do get higher CTR but i think am jeopardizing my readers because of the design.

thanks to this post.i’m on the look out again for better blogger templates. if you could help me find one, i would be glad.hehehe

like you i want higher CTR, more readership, more subscribers. thanks for all the tips.


Comment by Charles Lau | 2007-08-25 19:05:48

Hi Matt, I find your site quite informative.. Keep it up! Will read more about your blog. :)


Comment by Matt Jones | 2007-08-25 19:11:55

Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments :)


Comment by Michael from Pro Blog Design | 2007-08-27 19:11:42

Sphinn has proven to have some great content I’ve found. I like that it is more focused that digg, and less prone to rubbish submissions.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of it.


Comment by James Blogger | 2007-08-27 22:00:23

“Much like with alcohol, funnelling your readers clicks creates a well defined reward and achieves your goals much faster.” haha that gave me a giggle!


Comment by Bloggrrl | 2007-08-28 02:16:09

I guarantee that having included the words, “Achieving Female Orgasm” in your post, you will find that a steady stream of unexpected visitors will now come to your site. 😀


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Comment by Matt Jones | 2007-08-28 09:01:03

Haha is that how you found this page Bloggrrl 😉


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